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A pair of plaster wall lights

Paul Belvoir, English

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A large gilt bronze applique “Squale”

Felix Agostini, French, c 1960

base h 54 x w 18.5 x d 17.5 cm shade h 50 x w 29x d 31cm

( ST 14783 )

A pair of Arts and Craft style brass wall sconces with twin candle brackets


( ST 14767 )

A pair of gilt and bronzed metal wall lights

French c 1950 h: 43 x d:17cm

( ST 00702U )

A black painted wrought iron 3 branch single wall light

Ferrabini, Italian c 1950 h: 83cm

(ST 00848U)


A pair of gilded metal and Murano glass wall lights

Italy, c 1960, h: 19.5 x diam: 22 x d: 24.5cm

( ST 10748 )


A pair of bronzed and rock crystal LED wall lights

Paul Belvoir, English, 2013, h: 31 x w: 9 x d: 11cm

( ST 14887 )


A geometric metal wall light or ceiling light

Gaetano Sciolari, Italy c 9170, h: 45 x w: 45 x d: 23cm

( ST 16541 )


A single wall light with plume glass

Venini, Italy, c 1930, h: 35 x w: 14 x d: 14cm

( ST 12571 )


A pair of red acrylic wall lights of ladybird form

Gianemilio Piero and Anna Monti for Fontana Arte, Italy c 1970, diam closed 18cm x d: 12cm

( ST 13124 )


A pair of large plaster wall lights

Paul Belvoir, h: 56 x w: 40 x d: 20cm

( ST 16836 )

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