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A pair of sterling silver and rock crystal table lamps

Paul Belvoir, English, 2014, h inc shade: 49 x w: 30 x d: 20cm

( ST 15465 )

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A pair of large black, clear and opaque perspex table lamps

Italy, c 1980, h: 43 x w: 37 x d: 15cm

( ST 11302 )

A gilt bronze table lamp

Stephane Galerneau, French, c 1990, h inc shade: 61 x diam of base: 8.5cm

( ST 16594 )

A pair of travertine table lamps

Italy,c 1970, h: 21 x w: 10 x d: 18cm

( ST 16141 )

A travertine table lamp in the form of elephant

Fratelli Manelli, Italy c 1970, H inc shade: 46 x w: 32 x d: 18cm,

width of elephant: 25cm

( ST 15743 )

A pair of bronzed table lamps with rock crystal tube shades

Paul Belvoir, English, 2014, h: 34.5 x diam: 14cm

( ST 15291 )

A pair of rock crystal sphere and bronzed metal column table lamps

Paul Belvoir, English, h inc shade: 61cm, base 21.5cm

( ST 15297 )

A pair of gunmetal and gilt table lamps

French, c 1960, h: 44 x w: 19 x d: 8.5cm

( ST 15532 )

A pair of iron and gilt bramble table lamps

Paul Belvoir, English, h inc shade: 59.5cm

( ST 16316 )

A pair of bronzed and amethyst table lamps

Paul Belvoir, English, 2013, h inc shade: 59cm

( ST 15144 )

A brass and etched glass table lamp

Stilnovo, Italy, c 1950, h: 35.5 x w: 15 x d: 15cm

( ST 16268 )

A glass chrome and white marble table lamp

Azucena, Italian c 1960, h: 56cm

( ST 14555 )

A nickel plated and aquamarine cut and polished glass table lamp

Seguso, Italian c 1960, h42cm x 17 x17cm

( ST 14334 )

A pair of glass sphere table lamps on metal stand

Angelo Mangiarotti, Italian h: 20 x dian: 20cm

( ST 14364 )

A pair of white metal table lamps with red and white striped glass shades

Italy, c 1970, h: 33 x diam base: 14cm, diam shade: 25cm

( ST 15916 )

A pair of sterling silver and amethyst column table lamps

Paul Belvoir, English, hall marked, h:59cm

An enamelled metal table lamp with opaque glass shade

Attributed to Max Ingrand, Fontana Arte, 1955 h 60 cm

( ST 14257 )

A patinated bronze table lamp

Just Anderson Danish c 1930 h to shade carrier: 34 x w: 15cm

( ST 10434 )

A patinated bronze table lamp of classical design

Just Anderson Danish c 1930 h to shade carrier: 26cm x w: 20cm

( ST 10421 )

An astrolabe nickeled metal table lamp

French, c 1920, h: 38 x diam: 29 x d:38cm

( ST 00880U )

A gilt metal table lamp

Riccardo Scarpa, French c 1950, h to shade: carrier 44cm

( ST 13136 )

A pair of nickeled metal table lamps

Italian c 1960

( ST 14089 )

An opaque glass sphere table lamp on white metal stand

Italian c 1970 h: 45 x w: 44 x d: 44cm

( ST 13521 )

A gblue glazed ceramic tower table lamp

Continental, c 1940, h to shae carrier: 65cm x diameter: 18cm

( ST 00877U )

A patinated metal lamp

Just, Danish c1930 h: 41cm x diam: 15.5cm ex shade

(ST 10442)

An illuminated tortoise shell with a pair of ovoid polished stones on brass mounts

Maison Charles, French c 1960

( ST 00814U )

A white metal and four lucite columns table lamp

Continental, c 1950, h inc 65 x diam of base: 15.5cm

( ST 12866 )

A chromed metal table lamp

French, c 1970, h to shade carrier: 60 x diam: 23cm

( ST 13488 )

A red stitched leather table lamp

Jacques Adnet French c1950 h: 38 x diam: 15cm ex shade

( ST 00030U )

A red and green painted wooden table lamp

Continental, c 1920, h: 35 x w: 17 x d: 17cm

( ST 00860U)

A painted metal and glass table lamp

Italian c 1950 h: 43cm

( ST 13164 )

A table lamp with original fabric shade

By Colli, Italian c 1940 Height 58 x Shade diameter: 47cm

( ST 13522 )

A clear, blue and red glass table lamp with gilt metal fitting

Venini, signed, c 1960, h inc shade: 31.5cm

( ST 15538 )

An opaque glass dalmatian lamp

Giorgio De Ferrari, italian c1975

( ST 12936 )


A brushed steel table lamp

Maison Charles, French, c 1970, stamped, h: 62 x w: 23 x d: 8cm

( ST 16273 )

A coloured glass and wrought iron table lamp on wooden base

Designed by Svend Aage Holm-Sorensen, Danish c 1960

h inc shade: 100 x base: 14 x 14 cm

( ST 15523 )

A pair of black and gold patinated bronze table lamps 'Volubile'

Herve Van der Straeten, c 2006

h inc shade: 48 x w: 31 x d: 31cm

( ST 17610 )


A patinated bronze lamp

Riccardo Scarpa, French, c 1980, signed

h inc shade: 68.5 x diam of base: 12cm

( ST 16512 )

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