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An extending gilt brass and glass dining table with a set of eight black leather and brass dining chairs

Mastercraft, USA, c 1970, dining table extended h: 73 x w: 291 x d: 108cm (each leaf: 50cm)

side chair h:92 x w: 48 x d: 64cm, armchair h: 94 x w: 64 x d: 70cm

( ST 15858 - 15859 )

A nickeled and lacquered card table with skai top

Guy Lefevre, French, c 1970 h: 74 x w: 80.5 x d: 80.5cm

( ST 15560 )

A lacquered black and coral dining table with shell inlay

French, mid 20thC, Prov: Palazzo Piovere, Venice, h: 76 x w: 265 x d: 119.5cm

( ST 15903 )

A large marble table with two pedestal legs with metal sabot

French c 1930

( ST 12846 )

A walnut dining table

Silvio Coppola Bernini, Italy c 1964

h: 72 x w: 220 x d: 80cm

( ST 14082 )

An oak table

Dutch, 18thC, h: 75 x w: 160 x d: 75cm

( ST 15448 )

A large wooden table with black glass top

Italy, c 1950 h: 80 x w: 200 x d: 100cm

( ST 13026 )

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